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Fronting the band with vocals and guitar Si does have a tendancy to forget the lyrics at times but he plays pretty well so we can forgive him...

Nick Taylor

Responsible for keeping time and apparently always correct - Nick has played in many bands over the years and only recently got back to the rhythm section after many years favouring the guitar

Paul Regan

Part of the rhtyhm section and responsible for some of the lyrics, Paul does like to try and complicate things, he is however put firmly back in his place

Mark Tandy

Master of the single finger keyboard riff, Mark was understandably upset last year when he found out that chords existed. He has however chosen to ignore the fact...

Formed in 1987, Black September was well-known in the Gloucestershire area. Drawing on influences from contemporaneous acts such as The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Fields of the Nephilim, the band combined the down-beat, emotive sensibility of the “Alternative” scene with a hard-edged, rock-based approach to create their own distinctive sound, complementing brooding vocals with synth-driven melodies in neat, new-wave song structures. As well as gigging extensively in the local area, the band ventured further afield to the far-flung reaches of the UK in a series of notorious performances that saw the four black-clad, tousle-haired members emerging from palls of dry ice to bombard unsuspecting audiences with their innovative variety of gothic rock.

Now, after over twenty years apart, the four original members have reformed Black September and are gigging again. Admirers of the band’s unique blend of eerie melancholy will not be disappointed.

Playing old favourites, such as “She Wore Black” and “White Lines”, alongside new material, the band has also added to its repertoire of covers. As well as the ever-popular version of The Cure’s “A Forest”, Black September now plays Joy Division’s “New Dawn Fades”, Radiohead’s “Creep”, Tainted Love, The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunneymen and the rather apt (and after lots of persuasion), Bela Lugosi's Dead, originally performed by Bauhaus

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